Child Benefit Number

0844 248 2560

Do you have a question relating to your Child Benefits?

Do you want to find out how much you are eligible to claim?

Do you want to find out what happens once your child moves out?

Calling the Child Benefit number can help you get the answers you need.

What are Child Benefits?

Child Benefit is a payment that you can claim for your child. There are seperate rates for each child and you can claim even if the child doesn’t live with you. For example, you can claim as long as you pay towards the child’s upkeep and what you pay is equivalent to child benefit and that the person your child lives with doesn’t claim on their behalf. The payments usually stop once your child turns 16, unless they are in some form of education or training, in which case it carries on until they are 20. However, an advanced course such as a degree does not count. The amount you get depends on how many children you have, if you have just one child, you will get £20.30 a week, this is also true for your eldest child. For other children, it is £13.40 a week. The payments are made into your bank account normally every four weeks. If you’re getting other benefits such as Income Support it can be paid weekly. To find out how much you are eligible for, call the Child Benefit number.

These are some reasons why you might call the Child Benefit number:

  • To find out if you are eligible.
  • To set up a claim.
  • To find out how to claim if you are a foster parent.
  • To find out the rules if your child is in care.
  • To find out benefits available for children in hospital.
  • Information for non-UK citizens.
  • To find out if you’re eligible whilst living/working abroad.
  • To report a change in your circumstances.